Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Marissa Parks Day- Part 2

I had the best weekend, ever! It was so amazing to see so many people with "Walk for Marissa" shirts on. Being surrounded by all my best friends and family was awesome. That night, we all went to a block party in Atlanta and finally for the first time in awhile, I just felt like I had no worries. I was there with my friends just having fun! I loved every minute of it. It did take me 2 days to recover, sleep wise. haha I have such an old lady spirit! I think Marissa Parks Day might be one of my new favorite holidays! Here's pictures from the race.
I leave for Houston tomorrow for all my Pre-Opt appointments. I'm feeling really anxious/scared about the trip and just ready for it to be over. I'm going to try and teach my mom (TRY) how to blog so she can keep everyone updated.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Marissa Parks Day- May 21

First! I am sooooo excited most of my best friends are going to be in Atlanta this weekend for the walk to raise Brain Tumor Awareness! Team Rosa has 80 people signed up! I was chosen as the ambassador and I will be giving a speech after the race. Anyone want to write it for me? Anyway, I can't wait to walk with all my friends and family beside me. AND someone from my team better win! I have I have some athletic friends.

I went to Houston this Wednesday to meet with my doctor there..The appointment didn't go exactly how I thought, and I was shocked to hear they want me to have brain surgery again, a week from today. Whew. This will be a more invasive surgery than the first one I had, and they are going to try and remove as much live tumor as they can. Its full on Grey's Anatomy, they put me to sleep, wake me up, and I will talk to the surgeon during the actually removal part, to hopefully safely remove it without doing any permanent damage to my speech. They are doing this because, even on a high dosage of steroids, the swelling on my brain continues to increase. I'm really nervous, and I will be glad when its over.

I wanted to share another blog with you guys. This guy, Kevin, I think I have blogged about him before. His mother had the same type of brain tumor as me- a GBM. I've never put that on my blog before, FYI. He is  doing a trans-American walk to raise awareness for this awful disease. He is not starting the walk till this fall, but here is his blog. You can also follow him @kevinswalk on twitter.

I appreciate if you keep me in your thoughts next week as I go through surgery and recovery. I'll be in Houston at least 10 days. I'll post pictures of the walk ASAP, before Houston! Thats a good promise :)

OH I just found about that tomorrow in the state of Georgia is MARISSA PARKS today!!!!! Hope you guys all celebrate appropriately!!!!!!! Kind of a big of deal.