Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday Jan 31, 2012

Not many details for today :)

Flights came in just fine! We took a taxi from airport to hotel where we did nothing but share jokes and laughs the entire time! Checked and settled into a hotel near the airport. Marissa is walking great! She chose Buffalo Wild Wings for Dinner where our waiter ended up sharing with us (OUT OF THE BLUE) that he is recovering from Brain surgery that he had 6 months ago. He by all means of what the Tests results said,, and doctors opinions....Should not be alive today. He had a  mass of fluid on the brain which was causing him to have terrible headaches, fatigue, random moments of passing out, and even went into a 13 day coma before the MRI  showed his mass. I tell you all this, to say: God will place small reminders in your life each and every day. The best part- is he was just so over joyous in life that he was sharing his textimony before he even knew we were in Houston for Marissa to have a procudure done.. & I highly doubt that this man chose to open the evening up with his Brain surgery and recoveries thinking it would reflect generously in his tip. So You Tell me who planned that event....

God we thank you for your small reminders that you are a BIG God. You do big things that we cannot even imagine. God today you showed Marissa & I many things in your word that give us the UNFAILING, NEVER CHANGING Proof that you are a God of Life. A God of Health. A God of Creation.

Marissa and I Spent the evening in Bible study,worship, and prayer. She is uplifted. She is READY. No "nervous faith", just steadfast faith.

MRI in the morning- but what we both share excitement in tonight- is that I am curling her hair for  her in the morning. This should help you be at ease knowing that she is not entertaining fear. She is SOUND asleep right now.

We read today and tonight from Divine Healing by Norvel Hayes- I could go on and on but I am trying to keep my keystrokes quiet, and that would cause my fingers to bring fire because the book is just so amazing!

Please pray for simple things tomorrow with us. Pray Marissa has a lot of energy. Thank God for a peaceful rest that she will receive tonight. And pray that God's divine healing not become a "blog post" or a "great Facebook quote"... But that it becomes a Manifestation within both spirit & body. & EVERY SINGLE TIME you scroll past Marissa in your Phone, on your newsfeed, or even THINK about her. Say out loud- "Marissa Parks' Body- LINE UP! Do what God created you to do! Do what you were intended to do!"

More tomorrow :)


  1. Routing for you all the way Marissa! GOD IS WITH YOU! Lots of love and prayers your way warrior <3

  2. I have followed this blog since seeing your story on Race for Hope. Prayers going out to you today and always. I am sure there are many others, like me, whose lives you have affected. God Bless!