Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Acts of Kindness

A few months of ago, my roommate Colleen, was very affected by an awful act of violence. She is the most selfless person I know, and I hating having to watch her upset. Each night when we watch the TV to see shooting, wars, kidnappings, and much more; it makes me so much more sad.

I have to tell everyone, in the kind of world we live in, how hard it is to think there is more kindness than sadness that they show in the Media each day-- but, I am living proof.

I received at least 10 bouquet of flowers. I never thought I was a flower person, but I thinking I should really try one of those boyfriend things so I can get them more often. My bests friends Leeeny, La, and Megan have been here almost everyday. My other wonderful roomie from college, R House
(we like nicknames) just brought a big basket, full of goodies and I've had too many visitors to even name. I got packages from all of the country, messages from thousands of people. I had one of my best friends (not cousin, whoopsie) sit in the waiting room for 12 hours while I went through surgery and recovery. I had a girl who I knew from my marketing class in college get me a thoughtful gift, people who are not even my bosses anymore send caring messages, people volunteer to  bring dinner for weeks to come, my wonderful Aunt Kelly is in from New Jersey, a trust fund in my name for donations, people for brain cancers with just simple words of encouragement. Someone who stumbled across my blog  is volunteering to donate me a sparkly pink bike, more cakes, cookies, candy, (against my wish) books, gossip magazines, gray clothing and shoes to support Brain Tumor Awareness. If you never heard the song "Pocket Full of Sunshine" it is actually perfect for my life my right now, and now thanks to Michelle Thomas I have a creative, Pocket Full Sunshine

So, for a lot of those people who leave me sweet messages that I am an inspiration to you guys, you are the inspiration. I know I am a positive person, but I could not do it all without the support of you guys. If you don't know how impressive this is, if  you know me, you know. The amount of support, and Acts of Kindness literally makes me SPEECHLESS. Now,I don't know whats more impressive- me, speechless, or all the support?!!  Thank you soooooo sooooo soooooo much. And of course, the prayers are the best gifts of all, and they are coming from everyone. Thanks! And you remember, you think the world is becoming an evil place, pay it forward, and do something for someone else. They appreciate it, I PROMISE!!!

And, now to the boring stuff.

Saturday, I started  to get a sensation on the right side of of my face, and totally lost my speech for around 2 minutes. We didn't know what it was, and if it was a side effect of the meds; Sunday night it started again. We called the doctors and they told me  it was another type of seizure, and to up my dosage of seizure medicine. On Monday it happened again, and it lasted around 4 minutes. I started to continually have the seizures every 20 minutes, for 4 hours. Within the firsrt hour I completely lost my speech. TERRIFYING. If you can imagine me going through the rest of my life would be without speech. OMG. I couldn't say my funny stuff and make fun people with awful fashion style, although some of you may really enjoy it.

I just started stumbling across a few words and for an hour I lost my speech completely, my parents said it sounded like I was talking like a 2 year old. At the emergency room I spelled my name with 14 letters (its 7), getting only the letter M right. AND I thought I totally deserved a cookie for doing so well. They did a  CAT scan and found swelling and bleeding on my brain. I immediately was admitted to me the "ICU" type room.

On a good note, this floor is great for hot doctors and they visit directly at times. I am about to brush on  mascara and go for a walk to scope it out. This total visit has been better. Last time I was here I received a very uncomfortable sponge bath by two large nurses, prompting multiple inappropriate comments to my mom thanks to my pain medicine. I'll stick to the hot doctors this visit, thanks.

The power of prayer definitely works. A woman in the ER asked to pray with my dad and within minutes of them praying together I started being able to talk again, so keep them coming!

I am coming back on Friday to meet with the radiologist to get my pathology results and treatment plan. I still won't know if it is cancerous or not until then, but I know I can fight this! I will keep everyone updated.

My mom demanded a picture of us on the blog, so here it is-

One for thing- I have doing a 5k walk to May for Brain Support Awareness. If you are interested in my being on my team ifs the link www.braintumorevents.org and I am TEAM ROSA (another nickname) or email me at parksmarissa@gmail.com


  1. I live for this blog. It's seriously like Christmas when I see a new post. I am praying constantly for you, I hope I can come to Temple next week..I am going to try my hardest! Cody and I just said we're going to do that walk! Oh, and yayyyy for the shoutout (and pic!) LOVE YOUUUU!!!!!!

  2. I so agree.. I keep going to your Facebook to get an update.. And with your update I wanted to share with you the prayer chain on Facebook has reached 228 people!! GOD is Awesome!! You know I wasn't sure if I wanted to post it and Enjolene told me to do it! I am so glad that I did! So many people even people who don't know you are praying for you!! We are all praying for you!! Probably the whole class of 2005 too!! Makes me proud to know that too.. I'll keep checking for updates.. And I'm hoping that I can do something special for you.. Stay postive!! As will the rest of us :)

  3. we are SOOOO gonna join this team! i've got some ideas about fundraising, too! i love you!

  4. There's a group praying for you in Nashville!!

  5. I've posted before, but you dont know me. what you write is truly amazing and brings tears to my eyes. we need more positive people like you around.