Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

Well, Well, Well......

I wasn't quite sure when I was going to post again, but I figure now
is as good as time as any. As many of you may know, I was readmitted to the ICU
at Emory last week due to swelling on my brain. Therefore, I
actually got my the results a lot sooner than planned. On my mom's
birthday actually. We have a weird way of ruining birthdays in my
family... Mine is coming up on the 18th, by the way, in case I forgot to
mention. And I LOVE birthdays!

Anyway, I found out last week, the tumor is malignant. Aside from my
select friends, and family people don't really know the details,
including me. I don't research it, because I am suited and ready for
the battle! And I ask you all  to join! I start treatment, which will
include radiation and chemo this Thursday everyday for 6 weeks. I ask
that you all continue to stay positive for me, as my dear friend
Meredith informed that being positive doesn't always mean being happy.
But you guys have to remind me! I am aware that this is going to be a
long, hard, battle but with God by my side and the army of friends,
support, love, and encouragement He has given me-- I'm ready! I
NEED positivity. In fact, I'm going as to separate myself from
negative people right now, even my best friends if I have too. I have enough testing
my faith, so anything else, doesn't have a stop in my life
right now-sorry, love you!

ON a reallly really cool note. Those of you who are already jealous
you didn't go to Auburn, since we are the National Champions, and
pretty much the best school, everrrrr!! i'm not biased, of course. One of
my close friends Jessica and her mom, Mama Sal, sent the Athletic
Department at Auburn my story.

(I really like pics, please you get to see how pretty my friends are)....

The Auburn Athletic Department sent me a package. Its AWESOME!!!!!!!
It included SO MUCH Auburn stuff; a picture of Gene Chizik signed to
me (he is looking extra studly, too), a signed poster of Cam Newton
(breath taking), a BCS Media Guide with an encouraging message from
Trooper (wide reciever coach) and lots, lots more!!! It seriously is
the best school ever, and not that I ever did or would question going
to school there, but seriously, we are family. War Eagle.

One other thing. Thanks for signing up to support me in the race in
May. Of course, I keep forgetting to sign myself up, typical. Many of
you have asked
about the donations. Those go directly to the Brain Tumor Research
Program. Its a great program, and I truly encourage it. For those who
wanted information about my direct donations you can send them to
United Community Bank in Villa Rica, GA:  485 W Bankhead HWY, Villla
Rica, GA 30180.... #-770-459-3100. Now, I am not asking for donations,
I already told you, you guys are giving me the best present, by simply
praying over me. I just wanted to clear that up because I, as well
as my publicst/cousin/best friend, you guys may know as Megan, have
gotten questions about that.

God is bigger than this, and with Him by my side, I know I can make it
through! Keep praying!!!!

Oh, and a huge thanks to Ben Smith, for possibly making a "Marissa Parks Day" in Georgia. How sweet would that be?


  1. If I know Ben (and since he's my baby brother, I think I do a little), he will find a way!

    I came across your blog after Ben posted the link to it at the end of one of his Cracked articles. Now, I really rarely read them because, well, I don't care much for crude humor or prevalent swearing, but that article contained little and I made it to the end. And I'm glad I did, because I would have missed out on connecting to your blog.

    Notwithstanding the whole tumor deal, your story has been a joy to read, and seeing your positive attitude throughout is inspiring.

    You are correct in saying that God is bigger than this, and it reminds me of Chris Tomlin's current song "Our God is Greater." Check it out if you can. The version he does for Passion is the best (rather than the acoustic version on his latest CD). Here's the chorus, but listen to all of it if you can and absorb it all:

    Our God is greater
    Our God is stronger
    God you are higher than any other

    Our God is healer
    Awesome in power
    Our God, Our God

    So, no matter what, God is always FOR YOU!

    Praying for you!
    Angela Smith

  2. I got the link to the blog from a friend of yours who posted it at the end of an article on cracked.com. I'll add my prayers and positive thoughts to those of everyone else who hears the news.

    I saw some good advice a few months ago, posted on the Facebook page of a friend having a serious crisis: "Don't tell God about your big storm -- tell the storm about your big God!" The storm you're facing is going to turn tail and run when it sees what it's up against. Keep the faith!

    Donna M.

  3. Yey! My birthday is on the 18th too!!!!