Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day by Day.

Ahhhhhhh! I cant believe I made it! Six weeks.....but I finished my last radiation treatment just a few minutes ago. I will not know any news for a couple of weeks. I feel so, I'm not even sure what word to describe it , accomplished? I have been through more in 2011 than I ever imagined, and though at times I was tired and grouchy here I am today looking back to the very first day and I am so, so happy. I Remember sitting in the waiting room and wiping my tears fast so my parents wouldn't see me and thinking  how nervous I was and thinking "I don't know if I'm strong enough", through prayer, family, and friends I was strong enough and at the risk of sounding cocky, I'm very proud of myself!

April is a big month for me. I'm traveling to Duke and Houston, I'm the maid of honor in my best friends wedding, my lovely twinkles ( Anthony) is coming from LA with a ton of other people I used to work with, and I am super excited!  Ah I will be a busy girl!

In the meantime I'm going to the Bahamas Friday for Las bachelorette party. I can't wait to escape for a few days, be tan, and spend time with good friends!

Check out my little cousins Katie and Garrett supporting me! Aren't they cute?

Even though all of my family lives in New Jersey my mom has always made it a point to stay  very close with them, and to make visits as often as we could! (I want to to give my Aunt Kelly a guilt trip right now to get her to Georgia more, but I won't, because she's awesome). And I love all my family up there very much! They have all been the best support to my family and me even though they are 1000 miles away!

Send me pictures of you and your tshirt so I can put them in my blog! We are doing one more order if you missed the first one! Email me at for info!

Oh, Im adding on! My best friend from college Brandon came down here to visit his sister and me and I wanted to give him a shoutout! I love both his sisters and brother in law (maybe more than him). We harrass Brandon, and they make me laugh so much! Anyway, his sister Laura came up with this great new way for Brandon to make decisions, but feel free to use it in your life as well.  WWMD??
How great is this? Thanks Laura!

As always thanks for all the encouraging messages, cards, hugs, prayers. I promise it all matters- even if I don't respond immediately ( I'm really bad about that) they all make my day brighter and make smile.

Carpe diem!


  1. we are so proud of you rosa!!!! you are amazing! woot woot for the cruise! see you soon!

  2. Hi Marissa!

    I found your blog from and just wanted to let you know that I've been reading from the beginning. To say I admire your courage, strength, and spirit is a tremendous understatement. You rock! Sending lots of good vibes from NJ (in addition to the ones from your fam.) :)

  3. you inspire me. thank you for your courage and strength.

  4. I too found this from Cracked, and I just wanted to say you are very cool. You seem to do everything with a massive smile on your face, and that is incredible...

    Here's wishing happy days to you and yours.

    Em x