Thursday, April 28, 2011

Round 2.

I can't believe its time to start again. Tonight is my first cycle of chemo. I do this for 5 days a month.

I have had one MRI, and about half of the turmor died. So that's REALLY GOOD NEWS!!! There is a lot of swelling so the doctors couldn't see exactly was that wanted, and I am having one at the end of May.  I also decided to the do treatment at MD Anderson in Houston. I loooooved the doctor there. He took the time to get to know me, talk to me about my emotions, and overall they seemed a lot more knowledgable. I will continue treatment at Emory too. They will still call the shots, and I will go there every 2 months.

Due to the swelling I have lost some feeling in my right arm and  it has become harder to type. That is why I haven't been blogging as much, and why I don't/ in case I don't respond to a texts or messages back!

When I can find  the time to write again,  I will with more of an update on my life!

I am staying really busy... this week Denver, Co. Next weekend New Jersey!

War CAM Eagle!!


  1. We have your zumbathon fundraiser coming up May 15th. It would be awesome if you made an appearance, but if not I will send you pics. I am gonna wear my walking for Marissa shirt.

    Love you girlie,


  2. Denver's become something of a foodie destination these days, so I hope you enjoy the trip out there.

  3. I've been following your blog since it was first mentioned on cracked and I just wanted to say I'm glad to hear the treatments are proving effective. My dad had cancer and I feel your pain on the myriad doctor "meeting" visits where they don't really seem to want to hear you talk. (Obviously not from the patient's perspective but I was the one who did the appointments with him because my mom felt I would understand the information better, as I've had a lifelong interest in medicine, particularly oncology.) I'm glad you've found some good ones! I can't wait for the blog update that says you've finally managed to wipe out the entire thing.

  4. Hi Marissa. We went to school at Temple together and me and my sister actually went to the dance studio Michelle's Academy of Dance with you and Megan. I was actually watching some of the movies the other day while I was at my mom's house for mother's day. I just recently found out about your battle. I want to tell you that I have asked prayer for you and your family at the church we attend. God does answer prayers. This blog has been very inspiring to me and I am so happy to see you fighting the way you are. God is our refuge, our strong tower in our time of trouble and He is also a friend that sticks closer that a brother. I will continue to pray for you and your family!!!