Friday, June 3, 2011

My Mircale

My miracle- 10 hours in surgery, 4 hours awake, 19 stitches, a lot of faith, prayers, and love. An operation   that Emory called inoperable. I'm not a statistic, a freak who studies for brain surgery, no statistic. Here's my story-

I thought surgery was not an option until my till last MRI at MD Anderson's. At this point, Dr. Gilbert was very convincing that I did need surgery, and my options were slim. An operations that could take away my speech, mobility to my right side, and risk my quality of life. A surgery that as best usually removed 80 % of the tumor, even on not so complicated cases. MY TUMOR IS 100 % gone!!! Tears fill my eyes as write this. God was been my strength from day one, and even on the darkest of days he held my hand, and has proven miracle on my life each and each days. 100%. I'm still battling actual cancer cells and will probably start chemo over the next week, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

Ok funny facts- I did study for surgery. The only thing that I could control was staying awake for the 4 hours. It would help them remove the tumor more safely. My Dad said the first thing I said in recovery was "I tried so hard Dad to awake" and he responded, I did. I stay awake the entire time! With a few entertaining comments to everyone.
- Naturally I would hit on someone. "Mark Fabulous" the assistant surgeon. I never actually met him, but showed a great interest in him
- Kept calling the OR a party, and that I was going to be soooo sad when it was over
-Ask for pics of my brain
-Could they make me smarter when they were in there?
-And one of my favorites, I told one of the best surgeons in the country he needed to get back to work, and he is operating on a pretty important brain! Laugh some time right?

The surgery was a total of 10 hours, and in the last minutes they decided they to get the last 5 % safely and they did! I'm so blessed and truly feel like a miracle each and everyday! Always remember God wants in these situations, hes the one person who he doesn't turn his back on you, and so many of those forget. He's my Savior.

If you are in the Carroll County areas, there is a Christian Concert at Villa Rica First Baptist. It starts 7pm on Saturday, and I'd love for everyone to come! Ill be there, and its going to a time for fellowship. The Benefit is frees. I had brain surgery a week ago so no excuses! haha

Thanks for the constant support and love.

My best friends wedding!

Meg's Birthday


  1. So good to read this. Truly wonderful.

  2. This makes me so happy, Marissa! God works miracles! love you!

  3. Marissa, I am so hapy for you, praise God! I will continue to pray for you!

  4. Girl that is wonderful news!! Our family is still praying for you! You're beautiful inside and out!