Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Home Sweet Home

After such an amazing day of progress Sunday- Marissa was super tired! She slept good that night and was ready for another day of moving towards and knocking down goals!
Monday morning, she had SO many doctors come to see her! The neurosurgeon, the physical therapist, the speech therapist, an orthopedic casting Dr, multiple nurses, her surgeon's assistant..the list really does go on.
She began the day around 9am being told by her doctor, "The hospital is for sick people, and you are not sick! So get ready to go home!"- She was elated!! After being told she would be discharged that day, she then found out that it would possibly be Wednesday before she could come home to Temple.
First we went to physical therapy-where Shelby taught us many exercises that Marissa will need to perform each day to begin gaining more strength in the right side of her body. She was upbeat and ready to work! With the feeling that has been returning to her side, it will make physical therapy seem more real to her, because she is actually feeling some areas of muscles burn while exercising.
She went from physical therapy to speech therapy- where Marissa's doctor performed a 90 minute assessment of Marissa's speech.
Now here is where this part will involves all her surrounding friends, family, and loved ones.
It is a very common side effect from brain surgery, to develop a condition called Aphasia. Marissa's condition is more of a moderate Broca Aphasia. Basically, everything she knows and has learned her entire life, is still  inside the brain- but her mouth is having a hard time pronouncing those things. It's just a dissconnection from brain directing the mouth what to say. SO TRUST ME she definitely doesn't need anything watered down for her, she just needs understanding from people around her. She is still our spicy little Marissa- she just has to push thru the after effects of such a large surgery.
This can be very frustrating for anyone, especially people with such an independence like our Marissa. The therapist just asked that people make sure to work with her. This time will take pateience, practice, and understanding on everyone's part. If she ignores your texts and facebook posts- this isn't to be taken personal. Trust me, she is receiving an enormous amount of contact from people, and she just has to take responding one person at a time.
While the famiy loves and appreciates the visitors- it is best that Marissa not be in large crowds of people with tons of questions etc. She just needs to take it one person, and one day at a time.
After the therapist left the room with a diagnosis on Marissa, I looked over to her and said, "Guess what...We have a name.. and ALL names are underneath the name of Jesus Christ. So lets thank God that we know this conditions name. It is not permanent. We claim the victory of the enemy. Everything he has stolen from you- we thank God that he must give it back b/c the Word says he must."- She agreed and the smile was ear to ear. We prayed a thanked God that while recovery from things may be frustrating, long, and hard on us- that we are in good company with the Most High King. We knew that he will do a work Thru her and With that physical body.
We got home yesterday and everyone is exhausted. I myself, came home and slept for 12 hours.So I KNOW that the Parks family is needing some much deserved rest. Thank you so much for the prayers, gifts, flowers, encouraging words, and the food.
I know Courtney Jackon is organizing a group on facebook called Meals for Marissa. Please see her facebook page or mine (Meganshae Rogers) to sign up. We are keeping meals simple, even encouraging people to just send the family a gift card so they may pick up the meal themselves. Also, we are keeping the visitation minimal until she has gained more strengrth from the surgery. Also, Marissa is coming home with a new medication schedule which will enable her to sleep  better at nighttime- so we are asking that visitors please try to leave the house around 8 pm.
As far as I know- Marissa will be headed back to Texas Tuesday of next week- she will meet with her Oncologist.
Please continue the prayers, and thank God for the milestones reached! We have to give praise back to Him for His many blessings!
Yet those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary. Isaiah 40:31
Lets shift our prayers to this:
That Uncle Brad can get the speech and physical therpists to agreee to come to Marissa, rasther than Marissa going to them. This will ensure that MORE of her energy will go towards the excersies, and less going towards getting ready and getting out of the house and driving to therapy.
Our God has proven himself mighty throughout this week- We needed a smooth surgery- They finished 4 hours early. She needed good vitals- she has maintained perfect blood pressure, etc- all week (Inclduing the morning of surgery)
We needed a room for Marissa to be moved into so she could get out of the ICU- God gave us that room even though we were told "There is no way a room will open up today"
One of the risks of surgery was less movement in the right side- She is making fists, feelings her toes, moving her own legs, WALKING.
No prayer is too big or small for our God. We are believing for a beneficial therapy regiment and schedule. We are thanking God for rest for this family as they decide their next steps. & I am thanking God for the prayers you all have been sending up.
I got home to my sweet husband last night, and laid in the bed and just cried and cried. Not out of sadness or fear- I just missed Marissa. I have been with her for a week seeing the progress unfold, and last night I just didn't know what to do with myself. I began to think about the healing I have witnessed and I wanted to thank all of you prayer warriors for that. You keep sending those prayers up, because God hears us. Thank you for loving & caring for her!

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  1. the most wonderful news to hear. God has been with you and your family during all of this. Glad you are home. Day at a time - go for each goal- patience - love of God and The Love of your family and friends