Sunday, February 5, 2012

So... Marissa is walking so good she could attempt a hospital escape!

Marissa has made huge improvements the past 2 days!
Each day we add her daily goals to the board which include things like:
Get bandages off
Wheel chair field trip

She is meeting goals left and right and Glory goes to GOD!
She is walking, moving body parts that she lost the ability to move in November 2011. It’s funny how before surgery the doctor had to warn her that “Now the movement in your right side, if anything, will worsen after this 4th surgery”- NOPE. Getting better! She moved her leg for the nurse yesterday by raising it 4 inches off the bed. She made a fist with the right arm while simultaneously bending this right elbow!
She started her physical therapy! We have been working on left handed penmanship. Her speech is becoming more fluid! GOD IS HEALING HER BODY!!!
The doctor came into the room today, unexpectedly, since he is off on weekends- He literally, came to the hospital to see Marissa and tell her some good news..

“Well I cam myself to tell you that after reviewing the MRI we did the day after surgery- it seems like I actually got out 90% of the Mass. Now, I still don’t know what the mass is composed of (could be inflammation, live tumor cells, dead tumor cells…) but I did want to let you know myself that I feel really good about the amount we extracted”
Marissa didn’t wait- she grabbed my hand and waved her parents to come to her bed and she said “Thank Him”- and she bowed her head .We thanked God for the news that we had received and it was good.
As far as “When will she be able to come home?”- No answer so far. Monday or Tuesday we will get pathology results back. Tuesday or Wednesday she will be assessed by the Physical and Speech Group so that all of her exercises can be properly decided. Once assessed the training regiment she needs to follow will be sent back home so that she can complete these therapies locally.

Our goals are turned now to the next week. Please continue to send prayers of Strength because each day holds its battles for Marissa and her family. It takes a lot of energy, patience, and LACK OF SLEEP on all of their parts to make each day count!
I know this isn’t the detailed blog you are used too- but there are a lot of things that Marissa needs to tell you for herself one day VERY SOON. This is Marissa’s story and testimony that God is building. Satan must be trembling in his boots over the power Marissa’s testimony holds. I close my eyes when I lay beside her each night and I envision her standing before thousands of people sharing her story. Showing people that when you feel hope is gone- it’s still there. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going.
Healing will flow from her hands and a new compassion and understanding for those afflicted with sickness. She will, with the Spirit of God flowing thru her, bring healing and hope to the sick and hopeless.

Christine and Brad would like to extend their deep gratitude to everyone who is praying. They have received an awful lot of emails, texts, and phone calls- but guys, I will be blunt. There is no time to take those calls.
I myself have talked to my husband 3 times, at best, since Wednesday. They are so appreciative and definitely not ignoring anyone, but direct from them to you- they are worn out. They love everyone and will plan on contacting more people as Marissa continues to get stronger.

Now I did promise Marissa that some photos I have will not be posted – because once again, this is her story to build and share. But I do have some for you! And one AMAZING Video!
Stand on those healing scriptures! Next Prayer focus- “God we thank you for that good report you are sending Marissa’s way this week! We thank you for pathology and physical/speech assessments to go smoothly. God continue to send her that strength.”
Remind God of those promises he already gave to us- and His Word will NOT return void! Prayers & gratitude going up=healing and mercies raining down!
Shout out to Kristy Carroll who has shared Marissa’s story and journey with the members of Carrollton Surgical Group. They contacted me in interest of how to raise some funds for Marissa! Thank you for reaching out, her family was humbled when I told them of the email!

Super Bowl Date Night!
 M.D. Anderson Patient Superbowl Party
Everything's Bigger in Texas!
Thanks for the Flowers Leeny!
 Tables & Walls are COVERED with Healing Promises!

Just Taking a Stroll. NO BIG DEAL.


  1. Hey-- somebody needs to give Texas a quarter-turn to the left so it can sit up straight!

    These photos are fantastic. Thank you all for chronicling this journey you're on. I'm hoping you hear good results from pathology.

    Fingers crossed.

  2. This looks awesome!!!!Dear Brad, Christine and Marissa, you are all my heroes. Not a day goes by that I do not think of you or pray with all my heart for God to give you courage to go on. Please tell Marissa of my love and admiration for her. My parents also send regards and lots of prayers.
    Anca Koczkas

  3. Amazing!!!


  4. This is wonderful news it made me cry watching her walk i no shes thrilled and so are you and her parents must be so overwhelmed at this moment and trying to take everything good that is happening it truly is a miracle unfolding god bless you all.

  5. "In tough times, Lord, let me stay motivated & calm, let me look at how far I have come rather than how far I still have to go, let me continue counting my blessings and not what I've been missing. May every day bring new changes to grow, new beautiful things to see, new plans to do and new goals to pursue, as EVERY NEW DAY IS A GOD'S MIRACLE DAY!!" <3

  6. GOD is so good!! He has a great plan for you Marissa. You are such an inspiration to everyone. Keep that strong faith and beautiful smile! :)
    Praying for you still,

  7. Heartwarming to hear things are going well. What an inspiration you are Marissa. Christine and Brad your are so courageous along with Marissa. You are by her side all the way. Sending love and prayers everyday and I believe Lorraine is watching over your whole family. xoxoxo