Friday, February 3, 2012

Just updating from sleep deprivation

MarIssa has been moved from icu to the 8th floor! She is currently sleeping super deep :)
Vitals have Been normal all day
Had bandages on head changes out one time
Good appetite- walking and sitting up 3 times a
Day for an hour each time.
Her face is back to normality- as in: eyes and smile are no longer shifted and higher on one side

I tickled her right foot today and she laughed! She moved her right leg by herself- 2 inches off the bed!!

They are slowly pulling the pain medication and she is requesting it less.

She had another MRI Done tonight and dr said "if you get a
Call tonight before midnight then something is on the MRI that worries me. If you don't get a call- we are in good shape."

That call never came in.

She is forming longer thoughts and sentences. Things like this (no exaggeration)

"I felt peace this time"
"tell her love her much"
"yea I want you read to me"
"I was about to say"
"so thankful I feel peace"

Many many more things. For those of you who have been around to experience her speech go from
Normal to simply head nods and points within the past month- this is the healing process
Taking place within her body!

Keep those prayers coming in. Stand in faith. It's way too easy to believe what doctored say or even what our bodies "feel"- and much harder to believe the promises of God. But stand strong because her body is being healed!

Give thanks!

I am going to attempt sleep.

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  1. Be live it will happen greatttttttttttttttttttt news.