Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to Miss Riss

Marissa headed back to Texas this week and got some great news! They are going to place her on some meds and let her stay in Temple for the next three months! So no flying back and forth to texas every week! Yay!
She is also all healed up from surgery and her energy is growing more and more! She is ready to have lots of visitors ans fun with her friends! If you have facebooked or texted and her and you didnt get a respsonse- she isnt being rude or ignoring you- she is just having a hard time texting and writing things right now! But she is most def. receiving them!  So Please continue to send the support, prayers, thoughts and feel FREE to stop by and see her! She heads to bed around 9:30 ish but other than that- don' be worried about stopping in! Please pass along to her friends b/c she would love some company now!

A Big Happy 25th Birthday tomorrow to YOU MISS MARISSA ASHTON PARKS!!


  1. such good news, we hope you have a very very happy birthday marissa you deserve it. take one day at a time and we are praying for you... love the Megann Robinson family

  2. such good news, we hope you have very very happy birthday, stay strong, seems u have been. take care and take one day at a time, we are praying for u each step of the way. love the Megann Robinson Family

  3. Happy Birthday, Marissa!

    Peace and blessings.