Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2011- The Year of the Unknown

I should have known that when my roommate, best friend, and better half left me for ten days, my year was going to start of with a bang.

I lived with Leeny in college, and in some sense, she has been the more "sane" one of the two. Again- in some sense. She left me right before Christmas to head to Ireland , her mainland for the holidays, and it was going to be our first New Year's Eve apart in years.
I had two of my other dear friends Randall and Kim come into two the Thursday before, and we were convinced it would be the best weekend of our lives. We spent hours shopping for our New Year's outfits around Atlanta before we finally headed to my apartment to "relax" before our big night. If you know my friends and myself, we do everything to extremes, and I knew NYE would be no different.  We spent the day drinking some champagne, eating frozen pizza, and catching up on Real Housewives, duh. After I rested, I got up to start getting to ring in 2011, and I didn't know that would be the moment my life would change dramatically....
I got up to get in the shower, and felt completely fine. My sparkley new black dress was waiting for my evening out, and the rest of my friends were heading over in the next couple of hours. When I got in the shower that night, however, I got a really strong bad taste in my mouth. I brushed it off at first, but then my jaw started to uncontrollable move to the right. I remember I started praying, not knowing what was going on, and grabbed the side of the shower to brace myself for what was next. At that point I tried to yell for help, and turn the water off realizing I had no control over my body. I remember shaking for a bit uncontrollably, but the next few minutes were kind of a blur. Kim finally realized I was taking a long shower, came in to find me a sleep in my bathroom floor.

I felt like I was making it up. That didn't happen, I had never felt that way before, and when trying to convey what I thought had happen in the shower to my friends, it made no sense. So being the crazy person I am, I napped, I rallied and I went out anyway- Soberly, of course.

The night ended up being wonderful, and looking back I am so glad I decided to continue my life normally. I got to see Composed-Kim back bad decisions, danced a lot, met some wonderful people, and overall had a great night!!!


  1. Oh my gosh, give me more!! You make me cry, but in a good way because you are so positive!! ahhhh i just love youu!!!!

  2. oh wait, just saw that there's others. i'll get back to you.