Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Going to Glendale....Not an option

Colleen finally came back to me! She brought me some "lucky irish necklace". Everyone else's somehow ended in the trash, and maybeeeeeee I should've left mine in there, too. Kidding, of course. I had given much thought to New Year's Eve, told my parents, and decided I would at least go to the doctor and explain what I thought had happened, thinking something it might be something simple, like low sugar.

Each day passed though, and I kept feeling better, and better. The thought of the doctor kept getting pushed further and further back in my mind. Whoops.

Somewhere in the mix of my daily life, one of my best friends, Casey, and I had been playing with the idea of going to Glendale for the National Championship. I am a Die-Hard Auburn fan, and can count the number of games I have missed in the past six years on one hand. I knew this was something I simply had to do. Even if it meant I couldn't eat, shop, or basically live for the next month. I was totally ok with that.

So 4 of us did. We all booked flights to LA, stayed with Casey, and roadtripped to from LA to Scottsdale, AZ. War Eagle!

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