Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back in Atlanta

Here's what you guys have all been waiting for.....

I finally got back to Atlanta.  I am so happy to be back in the south, back with my family and friends, and eager and ready to fight this tumor!

I went to the doctor yesterday, and found out some unexpected news. The tumor is in fact on top of my brain, but areas they thought in Arizona that were swelling around the tumor, are more tumor growing and embedded in good tissue of my brain. It can't be removed through surgery without permanently damaging my speech and basically removing too much of the "good" brain. I was hoping they could have made me a little smarter while they were in there!! :)

After seeing many doctors yesterday, next week I will have another MRI to see how much the tumor has grown, and then on Thursday they will remove a piece of the tumor to see if its benign or malignant so we can see what my form of treatment I need. No matter what radiation will be in involved, I am praying no chemo, and no cancer! I KNOW good news is around the corner!!!

Thanks to everyone who has sent me a message, said a prayer, and has helped me in any way! I have the most amazing people in my life, and I am sooo thankful. So again, thank you friends! I love y'all and will keep everyone updated during my journey!


  1. OH MY GOSH. you are my idol. and i love you. and i'm obsessed with this blog. bookmarked? check.

  2. Rissa, you are an amazingly beautiful person!!! You are a fighter, and I know that you will pull through this. This is only "temporary". I enjoyed reading your blog. The friends that were with you are definitely your Angels. The good Lord will pull you through this! Hold on to Him and His Holy name.

    Love you! <3 <#

  3. You are strength in the purest form Marissa. Harold and I have been praying for you daily. You are on our minds and always in our hearts. We love our "College Girls"! God bless you & your family.

  4. precious rosa- not only is this a great way to keep everyone informed, but i must say- you are an excellent writer! i am really enjoying your style.

    i love you and can't wait for dinner on tuesday.